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The NAM trainer now has online documentation

At long last, I finally got the start of some documentation for NAM's trainer online. Have a look here:

You'll find the information about installing, tutorials using the Colab, GUI, and full-featured CLI trainer (all of which used to be in the README), and the start of the documentation on the package API.

This is a great way to started contributing to the project! If you've wanted to get involved but didn't know what to do, consider contributing to the documentation--any information I've missed, additional tutorials, filling out the documentation on the package (some of it is as simple as getting some of the classes and modules auto-generating correctly)--all of this is a great way to share knowledge, best practices, and little tips and tricks. It's also a great way to check your understanding if you're a little unsure about how things work before tackling a bug fix or new feature.



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