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NAM for users

Here you'll find everything you need to get into NAM, from making your own models to getting connected with tens of thousands of other musicians enjoying NAM.


Create NAM models of your favorite gear.

To get started in your browser without installing anything, NAM offers training online via Google Colab.

For users looking to use their personal computers, the Python-based locally-installed NAM trainer can be installed using PyPI. For a step-by-step tutorial, check out the videos on YouTube:


The basic trainers use standardized files for you to reamp. Download them here.


Snapshot plugin

The plugin behind the NAM revolution. Load and play snapshot models of your favorite gear.


A concept plugin using NAM's parametric modeling capabilities to deliver a model of an overdrive with NAM-level accuracy across the full range of its knobs and switches.



Share your models with other NAM users and find others' models on ToneHunt, a community-organized online library.

Join the community

Join other users to learn more about NAM, ask questions, and share models and music you've made.

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