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NAM Plugin version 0.7.4 is released

I'm excited to get this one out for people because they've been waiting for it for quite a while! Download it over on the users page.

But first...

Before getting into the rundown, I want to give a shout-out to iPlug2, the audio plugin framework that the NAM plugin is built on. It's an independent, open-source, permissively licensed framework, and NAM has benefitted from its ongoing development--including new features specifically for this release. If you're enjoying the plugin, please consider supporting iPlug2 via GitHub Sponsors. This will give Oli the ability to get more resources behind its development. (Thanks Oli for all that you've done, including the key work behind this release's headlining feature!)

What's new

Scroll through models with arrows and a drop-down menu

This is the big one. Folks have been asking for a way to page through models more easily, and this should do the trick.

Click on either the folder icon or the name bar to select your model; after it's loaded up, you can click the arrows to go to the next or previous model in the directory...

Or, you can click the name, opening a menu of everything in the directory so you can click straight to what you're looking for:

While working on this, we ran into a good number of subtle things that affected the user experience, and I had to make the unpleasant choice to delay the release in order to fix them so that the first impression would be a good one, and I'm pretty happy with how they were resolved. If we did a good job, then hopefully you won't even notice!

Stability improvements

Contributor slkom spotted a number of bugs in the code that might explain a fair number of the crashes that users have reported (thanks for the fantastic bug report!). After making fixes and checking some of reported bugs against the changes, I suspect that this will address a substantial fraction of the issues folks were having. There are also corrections to the macOS entitlements that should help things be a bit smoother an experience for folks on Apple.



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