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Hello, world!

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

This website will be home to all things Neural Amp Modeler--links to the code and installers, news on the latest developments, and a showcase of cool stuff that I and others have made with or for NAM--music, tools, resources, and cool tech demos!

Stay tuned!


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NAM Plugin version 0.7.9 is released

I've released a patch for the NAM snapshot plugin. Download it on the users page. The full changelog can be read on GitHub. Nothing much to say except this release focuses on a bug fix for the resampl

Towards a (good) CPU-efficient NAM

One of the most common problems people have with NAM is that the standard WaveNet architecture (the default in the simplified trainers and therefore the most common) is too compute-hungry to work in a

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12. Juni 2023

Hi Steven and Developers and all the neuralampmodelers be they making models or playing them thru the plugin.

I'm in the latter category and to me NAM is just like a shiny new physical amp (or to put it better, many amps actually) and I like to play it very much!

My Daw is set to 48KHz 24bits with an ASIO buffer size of 16 (~ 4ms of rountrip latency in this configuration). I've read somewhere that NAM is working at 48KHz internally and I assume this is true cause I've got no luck trying at 96KHz. No luck on win 10 and Reaper too but working just very fine in win 7 and Reaper.

Hope that future stable releases…

Gefällt mir
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