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NAM Trainer: Should "fit_cab" be always-on?

I'm contemplating simplifying the UI of the trainers. Currently, there's a checkbox that users should check if the gear they're modeling includes a cabinet at the end of its signal chain:

Browser trainer

GUI trainer on Windows

What it does under the hood is penalize the model for getting the high-frequency part of its predictions incorrect. There's not actually a change to the model like adding an IR "layer" to the end of the model or anything (see also: why you can't "remove" the cabinet from a full rig model).

The proposal is to remove the checkbox from the UI and have it always be "on".


  • Simpler UI, closer to "It just works".

  • You can always use bin/train/ to customize training if you want.

  • I can roll it back in a future version if something else goes wrong.


  • This would make it harder to tell if the model includes a cab (though the metadata should be used for this, ideally).

  • Slower training, especially on macOS devices with apple Silicon versions that don't support some of the operations needed (Is this all of them? I don't own any MacBooks with Apple Silicon to test with...)

  • Slightly higher ESRs, usually (though it's often very minuscule--and sometimes better!)

I'm seeking input about this. Feel free to let me know your thoughts at or shoot me an email.


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