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NAM Plugin version 0.7.8 is released

Updated: Feb 5

Edit 2024-02-05: I've added a bullet point addressing the changes to the license and a link to the full changelog.

I've released a patch for the NAM snapshot plugin. Download it on the users page. The full changelog can be read on GitHub.

This release has a a few more bug fixes and tweaks, but the most noticeable are for the resampler, catching it up with what's in the ParametricOD plugin:

  1. If you're using a DAW sample rate that doesn't match the model and you're using a large buffer size, you'll notice that the latency is reduced to the <30 samples required by the resampler instead of something similar to your buffer size. (Folks using NAM while doing mixing with large buffer sizes will definitely notice this!)

  2. Fixed a bug where you'll get sputtering if you're resampling and have a buffer size over 2048.

  3. I've updated the license to the installers. The plugin's source code repository remains open-source, as do the source code behind the trainer and plugin DSP library. The reason for the change is that the MIT license is a bit of an odd fit as a distribution license; this change simplifies by bringing this and ParametricOD under the same license. This pattern (MIT for source code; something else for the distribution) is used by other open-source projects like VScode, whose source code is MIT and whose distribution is not.



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