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NAM Plugin version 0.7.5 is released

You can download the installer from the users page.

What's new

Know the sample rate your models expect

This is a little extra something that doesn't technically affect how anything works, but might surprise a fair number of people who were using their models wrong this whole time and didn't realize it! If you have a NAM model that was trained on data with sample rate 48kHz, then the model needs to be fed inputs at the same sample rate when you're using it. If the DAW is running at a different sample rate, then resampling has to happen. That's a work in progress, but until it's ready, I've added a warning that lets you know when your DAW or interface's sample rate is set different from what the model expects.

I've already had it catch me running a project at 44.1kHz, and I might not have noticed otherwise!

There are more developments around sample rate (resampling within the plugin so that this warning doesn't need to exist, and making it easier to train models at different sample rates from 48k). I'm hoping to get those shipped out soon!

Bug fixes

No one likes bugs. It's even worse when you've fixed them before and they come back in a release. 0.7.4 had some bugs handling files with "nam" or "wav" in their name (aside from at the end); that's all fixed now. Also, there were issues with non-ASCII characters in filenames like "ß". That's all better as well. Things are back to normal!

We also got another bug in the IR loader relating to some WAV files with an uncommon "subchunk 1 size". If there are IRs that weren't working in previous versions, this may address it for you.

A few style tweaks

I've changed the font of the "Neural Amp Modeler" to Michroma, an open-source font with a permissive license that matches the rest of the plugin. We've also gotten Some custom icons to replace the default iPlug2/VST/etc icons in various places, and other parts of the GUI have been cleaned up a little. Feels nice to tidy up the aesthetics a little bit!



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