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Atomic Amplifiers releases Tonocracy with support for NAM

I'm thrilled to share that today, Atomic Amplifiers released Tonocracy, a software plugin that brings together a customizable signal chain complete with high-quality machine learning-based effects modeling.* What makes it super-exciting to me is that Tonocracy supports Neural Amp Models, meaning that folks who have found their tone with NAM can now use that tone in an integrated all-in-one experience with their product.

After trying it myself, I'm thrilled with what Atomic has done and find it a genuine pleasure to use, and I hope that NAM users will give it a try. It's been my wish to see NAM, as an open-source project, be integrated into products that meaningfully add to the user experience. Tonocracy has done just that, and I'm excited to see this launch.

Find out more about Tonocracy here.

*While Tonocracy allows users to play NAM models, they're also developed their own technology, ToneSnap, which is distinct from NAM; and I wasn't involved in its development.


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